Aventura Argentina

There's plenty of good old fashioned sight-seeing to be done in the Lake District.

Here are just a few of the day trips we offer, all inclusively, with our holidays.

El Bolson

Beginning as a hippy colony in the 60's, this sleepy town's laid back atmosphere has never changed. With its own micro-climate and fertile land, the area is rich in flowers and fruits, making the weekly artisan market the perfect place to indulge in some home-made ice-creams and jams.

Butch Cassidy's house

Sundance and Butch spent 5 years hiding and ranching in Cholila, near El Bolson, after fleeing the USA. Visit their cabins, nestled in the foothills, and you quicky see how they managed to evade arrest for so long. At least, 'til they held up two Patagonian banks...

Puerto Blest

This boat crossing to Chile takes you from Bariloche through 3 different glacial lakes, with stops to visit a beautiful Andean waterfall - the Singing Waterfall - and for lunch in an area of pristine Valdivian rainforest on the Chilean border.

Valle Encantado

As the photo above depicts, this valley is as dramatic as it is ancient. Los Dedos de Dios, the Fingers of God, rise from the green waters of the Rio Limay - meaning 'transparent' in Mapuche. Best of all, it's only a fifteen minute drive from Bariloche, and a great place to go horse riding, fishing, or simply chill out in a picnic spot.

Bosque de Arrayanes

Reputedly the inspiration for Walt Disney's Bambi, this rare myrtle forest is a fairytale world, and protects some of the last arrayan trees anywhere. Accessible by boat from Bariloche, the small peninsula is a serene place to escape the heat in midsummer.