Pirates and pioneers

Heading for the glaciers of Southern Patagonia or to Torres del Paine?

How about a different way of getting there? Like a four day boat journey from Puerto Montt in the Chilean Lake District to Puerto Natales, gateway to Torres del Paine National Park.

Chile's archipelago is one of the world's last pristine wildernesses.

The boat journey lasts 4 days, and descends the channels and fjords of the Chile's southern coast. On the way, you'll witness albatross and dolphins playing in the wake, some mindblowing sunsets, islands that have never witnessed man's footsteps, and learn about the history behind places with names like Obsession Sound, Gulf of Torment, Mount Forgotten, Byron Island, The English Narrows, and Fjord of Last Hope.

Enjoying yerba mate on the deck of the Magellanes

The boat is fully catered and you will be able to go to lectures on the local indigenous tribes, history, geology and wildlife, as well as films. The private cabins are very comfortable, unless the southern ocean decides otherwise.....!

For those with more than two weeks, this makes a great component of any tour of Argentina and Chile.


The Puerto Eden and the Magellanes are both Japanese built ships. They carry roughly a hundred passengers. There are several observation decks, a canteen, and full time access to the bridge so you can watch the captain at work as he navigates through fjords only a few meters wider than the ship.

Navigating the narrow channels by night requires old fashioned seamanship, and is fascinating to watch