Ce n'est pas la chute, c'est l'atterrissage....

In the rain shadow of the Andes, and only 30 miles or so from the forested slopes of Bariloche, Villa Llanquin is a small Mapuche settlement on the Limay River. Every summer, it plays host to a local jinete - the barefoot rodeo of the southern cone.















All images copyright Dominic Garcia-Hall


Perito Moreno National Park, today, as it was in 1937


If you thought you were off the beaten track, you weren't until you got here. Perito Moreno National Park (not to be confused with the glaciers that share its name) is in Northern Patagonia and remote enough to need to carry 2 spare jerry cans of petrol just to get you in and out from the nearest village. It's also one of the nation's oldest National parks, and home to Patagonia's highest, yet little known peak.


Moonrise over the Sierra Colorado's ancient sedimentary bands


Estancia La Oriental, within the confines of the National Park, and one of the remotest settlements in Patagonia.


The eastern edge of the Park is vast steppe region patrolled only by guanacos and these lenticular autocumulus clouds, which form at high altitude over the steppe and often form ' waves' in the sky


Looking west from the Summit of Cerro Leones towards the mixing colours of the aluvial fan that drains into Lake Belgrano


A young chimango caracara


Last light over the Sierra Colorada


Lenga (nothofagus pumilio) in autumn colours, with a view east across the steppe


The view from the Chile. The glacial lakes extend into Chile and marked the north western edges of the park.

All images copyright Dominic Garcia-Hall


Aventura Argentina Wildlife photography


Ben Hall is one of Britain's most talented nature photographers.

He recently turned his lens on our natural heritage in Argentina and Chile.

Here are just a few of the results. For more, see www.benhallphotography.com

For guided trips with Ben in Argentina or Chile, drop us a line.

Iguazu Falls in summmer storms.

Condor, Los Cuernos del Paine.

Skua, Mount Olivia, Tierra del Fuego.

Black browed albatross, Beagle Channel.

Great dusky swifts, Devil's Throat, Iguazu.

Rufescent tiger heron wrestling with eel, Esteros del Ibera

Magallenic pengiun in snow storm, Estancia Haberton, Tierra del Fuego.


Ben at work on the deck of the dubiously named 'IF' - one of our Beagle Channel yachts.






The Harrier Project

A small lagoon on the edge of the vast Lago Argentino provides habitat for countless waterfowl, and several pairs of cinerous harriers. During the breeding season, the harriers are very aggressive, possessive of their territories, and ready to fight any intruder who comes too close, be they human or avian. After the first few hours of photographing the birds I had to return to the jeep for a hat, so enboldened was the male that he would dive down, deliberately against the sun so I couldn't see him, and fly off with a chunk of hair.

Below is a brand new collection of images from 2008. All shot by Dominic. For more info, or to order high res digital copies or prints, just drop me an email. dominic@aventuraargentina.com All images copyright Dominic Garcia-Hall

Here, the female cinerous harrier swoops to attack an ibis three times her weight, such is her territorial aggression.


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