High mountains and heady wines

Mendoza is the ceiling of the Americas. Mendocinos, as the locals are called, lead a charned life; wine, sunshine, and snowcapped peaks in the background. Their capital is sophisticated, cultured and laid back; the most important city after Buenos Aires.

A lenticular cloud forms over the summit of Aconcagua. Also called hogs-backs, they portend storms, and are often the source of UFO reports.

If you come to Mendoza, we recommend a mix of mountains and wine. We'll arrange for you to stay on one of the most prestigous vineyards for a couple of days, either at Salentein or Tapiz, and you'll be escorted by our English wine guide for a day's tasting at several of the most prestigous bodegas.

The gates at Salentein, with the eternal snows of the Andes in the background

We'll also give you a hire car, and some tips for a self drive trip up to the border with Chile and the mighty Aconcagua. Here you'll be able to bathe in hot springs overlooking snow filled valleys and make a hike up to the base of one of the mountains most sacred to the Inca.


The traditional gates to the Tapiz winery, are a contrast to the ultra modern tasting room at Alta Vista.

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Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside the Himalayas... Or is it?

Very recent research has just shown the Ojos de Salar, thought to be a hundred metres or so lower, to be higher!