Aventura Argentina

All our trips our tailormade, and are priced as such. We live and work in Argentina and don't have the operating costs associated with the big travel companies.

When you book a holiday with us, you're paying for the estancias, guides, horses and jeeps, not our latest ad campaign....

To give you an idea, a two week trip will range from £1300 per person to £4000, depending on the level of luxury, guiding, and activities you want.

Three or four week trips start at around £1700 per person.

We offer a discount for families or groups of 4 or more.

In our itineraries section, prices are listed for various trips, to give you a rough idea when tailoring your own itinerary.

If you find a similar itinerary from another travel company, send it to us, and we'll make every effort to match their price.