Land of fire and ice

A mystical land at the end of the earth, Tierra del Fuego was the furthest point mankind walked from his birthplace, and the last place he reached.

It's also one of our specialities. We love it down here.

Originally christened Tierra del Humo (land of smoke) for the ever present fires of the Yamana Indians, the later name of Tierra del Fuego befits the firey sunsets that illuminate the antarctic skies almost every night...

Out trips down here are usually 5 or 6 nights, but can be as long as you want. You'll spend a few nights in a lodge in Tierra del Fuego National park,where you'll trek along the wild coastline that harboured Drake, Darwin and Magellan in their explorations.

There is also the option to make a 2 night trek, sleeping under canvas, across the back of the Martial Glacier, with its spectacular alpine lakes and cathedral peaks.

You'll also be able to visit Estancia Harberton. This is Tierra del Fuego’s oldest estancia, founded by Lucas Bridges – a missionary who came to protect the now extinct Yamana tribe. The estancia is still run by his great grandson and will give you a taste of how the pioneering lifestyle persists today. From Harberton a launch will take you out to an island to see theYecapasela penguin colony, which has some of the only Gentoo penguins outside Antarctica!

Setting out for the islands in the Beagle Channel. Motor on the way out, sails on the way back!

Sealions fighting on an outcrop in the Beagle Channel.

Other activities include fly fishing for the world's biggest brown trout on the Rio Grande, sailing out to visit the islands in the Beagle Channel, with their wealth of wildlife, and browsing the museums of bookskops of Ushuaia, the town at the end of the world.

Our favourite hotel here is Patagonia Jarke. Every room has unbeatable views of the Beagle Channel. Most of our clients choose to stay here.

Prices start from £700 pp for 6 days, depending on activities, and are inclusive of transfers, guides, equipment, boat trips, and B&B accommodation.