Most companies visiting this region also ‘specialise’ in the rest of the continent, or even the rest of the world.

We don’t.

We’re a family business resolutely focused on showing you the best of Patagonia and a few other beautiful parts of Argentina.

Oh, and we can't help but venture over the border into Chile once in a while....

Personal Attention

We’re a small company. Most of our clients are couples, famillies, or groups of 3 or 4 friends.

We meet everyone personally and guides the ones that want to be guided.

Our local guides are our friends. We met them doing what we love, exploring the wilderness, so we know you'll be in the best possible hands.

We think all this adds a personal touch you simply can’t get with the big companies.


We live and work in Patagonia, not in a big office in London.

The wilderness is our back yard, so we know it intimately. What's more, we care.

We donate £25 from every booking to Climate Care - this is the amount required to offset the carbon cost for one passenger on a flight between London and Buenos Aires.

5% of our profits go to the Patagonia Land Trust, helping to return the southern grasslands to their original state after the degradation of 100 years of agribusiness.



Many of our clients love a place so much they decide to stay a few extra days. Or perhaps the Patagonian weather interferes, and you want to move on early or fly somewhere else for some sun.

No worries.

For more on why you should come to South America with us, check out our feedback pages to see what our clients have said...


Dominic Garcia-Hall,

Explorer & founder

Dom has gazed down on most of South America from a climber’s perspective, from bouldering in Bolivia to sport climbing in Venezuela. He is a qualified SPSA climbing instructor, mountain bike guide and first aider.

But, despite climbing all over the world, from the sea cliffs of Malaysia to the high mountains of Kashmir, all roads kept leading back to Argentina.

All this time in the wildnerness has made him a fountain of knowledge about the South American natural world, particularly its birdlife. He has worked at a research station monitoring bird migration in Costa Rica.

He is has won an award from National Geographic Society for his images of Argentina's landscapes and cowboys, but is in no way as talented a lensman as his brother, so is currently some way entrenched in the slow and tortuous process of writing a book about Patagonia.




And a few of our local guides...


An Englishman living in Chile's prime wine region, Charles owns a vineyard there, but he still comes over the border especially to take you round some of Mendoza's finest bodegas. He could teach the Argentine's a thing or two about wine (and usually does...).


A Dutch emigre in the true Patagonian style, Arianne lives in a tiny village in the Lakes. She and her horses will take you into some of the wildest mountain country in the Andes.



Ana Garcia-Hall,

Ben Hall,

Naturalist & Professional Photographer

Ben doesn't need any introduction. He's rapidly becoming one of the UK's most celebrated photographers, and in recent years has been turning his talents to Argentina and Chile's wilderness, as well as planning and running inspiring trips.

He's also Dominic's brother. Maybe that explains the taste in jackets....For more of his work, see our gallery pages or visit


The Clarks

Ricardo is one of Argentina's top ornithologists. Together with his son Mauricio, they guide the nature lovers among you, specialising in birding the diverse cloud forests and canyons of Salta, Jujuy and the Andean northwest.



Oscar is a genuine gaucho, born and bred Mapuche. A horseback expedition into the Nahuel Huapi national park with him is like a trip round Buenos Aires with Evita.