Malbec and Torrentes

Argentina is catching Chile up in the world of wine. Our wine guide Charles is English and has his own vineyard in Chile, but he still comes over the border to take you wine tasting, so the wine here must be good... He's full of knowledge - sometimes enough to teach the vineyard owners a thing or two, so you'll leave knowing exactly which wines to buy at your next dinner party.

The imposing facade of the Norton Bodega

As well as taking a day's wine tour, you can stay in luxury at a couple of the better bodegas. With views to the snowcapped Andes and eternal sunshine this is a great part of any trip to Argentina. Alternate wine tasting with sitting by the pool or walking in the foothills of the Andes.

We offer loding in Salentein and Tapiz, both of which offer a lovely boutique hotel experience within the vineyard itsef.

The sleek modern wine room at Bodega Alta Vista contrast with the traditional gates of Tapiz.

We also offer wine tasting trips in the up and coming Saltena region of Cafayate. Here the high altitude wineries are producing some award winning Torrentes whites.


Ready for tasting ...

A typical day will leave you sampling wine from at least 5 different vineyards and probably 20 varieties, so you don't want much in each glass.

Our day tour is full guided in English or Spaniish (as you wish) by an expert winemaker.

You'll have a 5 course meal in one of the vineyards at lunch, with specially prepared dishes to highlight the chosen wines!